Maalaea Celestial Display

I’ve been getting up early to photograph sunrises recently. Shooting over a body of water has been my current theme and in Hawaii that isn’t hard to do. Besides the ocean there are harbors and ponds all along the coast.

My last sunrise adventure took me to Kanaha pond on the east side of the island, and I was witness to some nice color and reflections off the slightly wrinkled water surface. This morning I chose to visit the west side, to the boat harbor at Maalaea. As I was driving to the west I noticed a sliver of the moon hovering over the tops of the clouds. And in a neat celestial triangle the moon was chaperoned by two bright points of light, Venus and Jupiter.IMG_9776

I knew I was in trouble when I didn’t bring my tripod, or even a monopod!!! My photo teacher in college would scold me for not packing them.

After parking at the boat harbor I began looking for a spot where I could get a clear shot, and a wall or a post where I could brace the camera. I took a handful of shots. The pic above was the best of the bunch.

I set about looking for several new positions where I could capture a nice sunrise scene, and then I settled in as the sun neared the horizon.

Today’s sunrise wasn’t emblazoned with color, but it provided its own version of spectacular.













Several locals were out at the end of the breakwater, their poles set and lines cast into the water. They slept out there all night and were just waking when I came around the building. I captured this unique shot as one of the men stood on the breakwater. The cloud cover was even with the summit of Haleakala as the sun peeked over its shoulder.

IMG_9894With the suns light came all the tour boat workers preparing the boats for today’s visitors. Cars filled the parking lot and people flocked to the boats in anticipation of what today might bring.

















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