Kealia Pond – Maui

I took a walk this morning – somewhere around 5:00 am. It was pretty much a cloudless sky so not much of a show for sunrise color.

But IIMG_9982 remembered that the west side of Maui has a pond like Kanaha pond on the east side. This wildlife refuge is much different than Kanaha. It’s on a stretch of land wedged between the road from Maalaea to Kihei. There is also an elevated walkway stretching from the parking lot, heading north toward Maalaea. I didn’t go to the end as time ran out after I took just a handful of pictures – but I will be back for evening shots at a later date.

IMG_9989Kealia pond has a totally different look and sense of nature. Maybe because there isn’t a building in eyeshot (except for the stacks at the MECO electric plant).


IMG_9985The image on the left is of a path leading to the beach from the elevated walkway. It made a nice frame for Koohlawe – and if you click on the pic you can see the atoll known as Molokini hovering just at the horizon.


I’ve been to this long stretch of beach many times and it’s usually occupied by few. But it was labor day weekend and many families had set up encampments along the long stretch of beach – and of course, fishing poles were out early. Most were still snuggled in their tents when I took these images – I didn’t even smell bacon or spam cooking over a campfire yet.


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